5 Positive Leadership Traits And Actions

While everyone wanted to be the line leader in kindergarten and Simon in “Simon Says,” many of us lose the desire to be the person others look towards as we grow older. Positive leadership makes or breaks an organization. Having the right people who know when to step up and when to let others be in charge creates more cooperation and more successful campaigns in the long run.

During a session at the recent Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference in National Harbor, Md., Matt Brown, senior consultant, Schultz & Williams, Ed Zakreski, managing director, Roundhouse Theatre, and Caroline Cunningham, founding president, The Trust for the National Mall led “The Fundamentals of a Successful Campaign and Why Leadership Trumps Them All.”

The trio shared their experience and advice for creating a successful campaign with strong leadership. They included these five tips:

  • At the most basic level, development and membership professionals tell stories and build relationships;
  • Strong and committed volunteer leaders are the backbone of a successful campaign;
  • Your case for support should tell your story by defining your mission, needs, goals, and funding opportunities along with stating the benefit of becoming involved;
  • Make contributing to your organization a priority for donors. Cultivating your constituency through mass communication and personal contacts creates a strong relationship with your donors. You can have a great case for support, but without consistent communication, people won’t know about it; and,
  • Be ready to spend approximately 10% of your goal on capacity and implementation. Investing in high-quality materials and getting the right people on board will increase revenue in the long run.