5 moments to ask for help

Let’s face it: No matter how much you might want to think otherwise, you can’t do everything without some help when it comes to writing a grant application. The question is, then, what parts require the most assistance from your colleagues?

In his book “How to Win Grants,” Alan Silver recommended requesting help for the grantwriting tasks that are the most time consuming or just give you the most trouble for whatever reason.

Some of the project components that Silver said you should request help for include:

  • Needs assessment, including key statistics, local/regional situation, conduct of focus groups, and documentation of national/global trends.
  • Project design, including goal and objective setting, work plans, logic model/evaluation design, relationship to best practices.
  • Writing the case statement or narrative; organizing the overall proposal and editing it for consistency and responsiveness to the funders’ requirements.
  • Funding research.
  • Budgeting – revenues, including matching funds, and expense projections.