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5 Mobile Recurring Giving Best Practices

Getting donors to give is a good thing, and getting them to give again is even better. And again, better yet.

That’s nice, but getting those donors to keep on giving can be a tall order, even if it does pay big dividends. The Internet, mobile communication devices and the increased willingness of people to utilize them create an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to enhance their fundraising efforts.

MobileCause, a mobile-first fundraising and communications platform, has published a guide to improving repeated giving by donors, its “Essential Recurring Giving Best Practices Guide.” The guide offers the following game plan:

* Make it easy. Create a seamless recurring donation process that empowers supporters to donate from any device.
* Devise a strategy. Use a clear-cut approach to target donors and get them to give on a recurring basis.
* Create an experience. Brand the organization’s recurring giving program. Incentivize giving to keep them coming back.
* Instill donor confidence. Ensure that donors know whom they are giving to and how each and every gift help the cause.
* Integrate communication. Promote the organization’s stories across all communication channels to engage donors in the way they prefer.

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