5 benefits of your branding efforts

Even on the best days, work in a nonprofit can feel like a never-ending uphill battle against forces that not only don’t weaken but multiply and become stronger.

For example, branding is accepted as an overall benefit, but the many challenges to successful branding can make any leader ask: “Is it worth it?”

During the 2014 Cause Marketing Forum in Chicago, Erica Chan, Thomas Goerner and Dominik Prinz of Interbrand said that it is worth the effort. Despite the obstacles, the benefits are manifest for organizations taking a closer look at the impact they create:

  • Better Project Management. Understanding what drives results and impact will allow an organization to learn, improve efficiencies and make programs more effective.
  • Resource Prioritization. Understanding which actions yield the highest results, and allocating budget accordingly, can help improve the “social returns” on investment.
  • Strategic Refinement. Knowing where an organization can truly make an impact (and where it can’t) will allow it to fine-tune its mission and strategic focus over time, to maximize its positive impact.
  • Enhanced Fundraising. Being able to leverage acquired insights around the positive change an organization creates will put it in a better place to convince its endorsers, supporters, and donors to maintain or increase their support.
  • Advocacy and Awareness. Once a credible case for successful change creation has been built, and proof is on the table, an organization is in a better position to expand its sphere of influence and win the public’s long-term support, creating a potent multiplier effect.