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30 ways to leverage your knowledge base

How do you get the most out of the available data? During the recent 2015 Bridge to Integrated Marketing Conference, Dave Acup of the Environmental Defense Fund, Jim Emlet of Integral and Rob Reger of Epsilon offered 30 ideas to better leverage data for improved results.

Evolve direct mail list selection beyond just response rate and average gift.
Use new methods to fund new donors online.
“Visualize” the value of online leads.
Follow site visitors around the web.
Share the love. Social proof web forms.
Don’t underestimate the power of a first impression.
Where will the organization be in five years?
Drawing a line in the sand.
Eliminating the “bump and run.”
A click away”: the furthest ever to be.
Donor acquisition: One size fits all vs. segmentation.
Optimize the merge.
When “free” exchange names are anything but free.
When is it OK (even encouraged) to steal?
Make the merge work for (not against) the organization.
You’ll get what you model for.
The online crystal ball to conversion.
Who’s lapsed but active?
Custom Facebook targets, version 2.0.
Re-engage the way you originally engaged.
Know the lapsed donors. What else are they doing?
Finding the pipeline, or “Let me upgrade ya.”
To touch(point) or not to touch.
Avoiding once and done.
Know and tell. Leverage lifecycle messaging for LTV.
Which test won? Let long-term value be the guide.
Complement campaigns with tag and target.
Persona-based marketing. Is it the future of fundraising?
What makes loyal or high LTV donors different?
Engage. Involve. Evolve and include.

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