3 trends to watch in healthcare philanthropy

How would your fundraising efforts change if you could see into the future? Though not armed with a crystal ball, James M. Dale, vice president of development at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Foundation in Pomona, Calif., and Thom J. Sloan, executive director of the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute in Beaverton, Ore., identified three trends to look for during their workshop “The Intersection of Philanthropy, Marketing and Business Development” at the recent Association of Healthcare Philanthropy Conference.

* Patients. Patient expectations are greater than ever and the aging, diverse population is getting increasingly involved in influencing treatment. Patients will research options and travel to find better outcomes and lower costs.

* Healthcare providers. Emergency departments are growing and a shortage of physicians and nurses might be coming down the pike. In California, mandated staffing ratios have been established.

* Finance and capital. Hospital profitability is decreasing and insurance company mergers are reducing negotiations. Philanthropy plays a larger role with unreliable investment capital, Medicare cutting into hospital and physician revenue and unfunded government mandates.