3 principles for connections

Effective branding is so accepted as a nonprofit necessity that it can be overlooked in terms of approach or strategy.

Speaking during the Independent Sector (IS) conference in New York, consultant Rob Baiocco said that in most categories there are four, six or maybe nine competitors, but in the nonprofit sector it is possible to have dozens, even hundreds, of “competitors.” With that kind of competition, it is necessary to brand.

Doing it right involves three critical principles. They are:

  • One driving phrase. Every brand needs one short, compelling phrase that nails the brand meaning, then drives and connects all communication. It galvanizes the brand point of view, unifying everyone who works on it. It provides a guiding principle and a clear connection for all the work. It assures that the organization is driven by brand and not by platform. It generates more proprietary ideas and executions. It is easy to act on, so ideas can get to market faster in our real-time world.
  • Screens, screens, screens. The marriage of traditional and digital takes place at the altar of the screen. Write and incite the organization’s best story across all screens.
  • Attraction and transaction. Great creative is about those two things. That’s it.  Transformative creative draws people to the brand and creates an undeniable attraction. Attraction can be created in a multitude, and it is patient. Targeted creative closes the distance between consideration and purchase. Transaction creates utility for the brand, and it is urgent.