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3 Legs Up On The Competition

People who land jobs do a few things slightly differently than those who do not and some of those things are very easy.

According to results of a survey on the website Beyond, successful jobseekers are better at three things, time management, resume customization and research. The site’s definition of a successful seeker is a candidate has received at least one job offer in the past six months).

  •  Time management: When successful candidates see a job they like, they apply for it and according to the website, that makes them 7% more likely to land the job. Rather than wasting time on opportunities that aren’t promising, they focus on ones for which they are best suited.
  •  Resume Customization: Those who customize their resume are 10% more likely to get the job than those who didn’t take that extra step.
  •  Research: Successful job seekers are also 7% more likely to research companies before applying, further demonstrating their attention to detail and willingness to reinforce how their experience is applicable to the positions for which they apply.

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