17 Things To Consider For Your Visit

Donors are becoming more assertive, and that means they are more conscious of the way their money is spent by the nonprofits they support.

In their book “World-Changing Generosity,” Jim and Nancy Cotterill offer several suggestions for potential donors who are trying to decide whether to give money to an organization. One of their suggestions is that prospective donors make an in-person visit to an organization’s office.

Further, they present a list of questions, including:

* Since you are a key leader here, what is your story? What drives you to stick with this?

* What is the mission or purpose of the charity (the need it is currently addressing) and its vision (the problem it is attempting to solve) for the future?

* Are its programs aligned with its purpose/vision?

* Does the purpose/vision interest me?

* Does it fit with my living goals?

* What is the target population?

* How many were served last year?

* How many people are projected to be served this year?

* How do current results compare to goals?

* What is the charity’s performance history?

* What are the geographic boundaries?

* Does the charity have the capacity necessary to accomplish its purpose?

* What is the budget?

* Does the organization have the necessary personnel?

* Does it have the people with the talents/skills to serve their purpose?

* Does it have the infrastructure necessary to support the staff?

* Does the charity have a plan (a strategy)?