10 Questions You Must Ask Your Mentor

If the elders among us were to look back on their careers, they could probably point to one or two friendly faces that helped them get to where they are today. Maybe it was a veteran co-worker or professor with whom they maintained a relationship.

Such relationships aren’t always easy to make, particularly in a world where the pace of social interaction has sped up and personal relationships have become all the more elusive.

    Adrienne McDade, director of annual giving for the University of Cincinnati Foundation & Alumni Association, and Cherrelle Duncan, founder of Duncan Impact Solutions, talked about the mentors that influenced their lives during their session, “It Takes a Village: How to Build Your Mentor Network,” duirng the recent 2018 Association of Fundraising Professionals International Fundraising Conference in New Orleans. During the presentation, McDade and Duncan shared 10 questions that they suggest mentees ask their mentors to strengthen mentor-mentee relationships. They were:

  • What personal strengths do you believe that I have;
  • Are there books that should I read to strengthen weak areas;
  • What is my most memorable trait;
  • Are there resources that you might have in your network that can help me achieve a specific goal;
  • How might I be able to assist you on an upcoming project;
  • Is there someone in your network that could use talents such as mine;
  • Has there been a time in which I hesitated to act on the advice you gave me;
  • Are there keywords or phrases that come to mind when you think of me;
  • What are some habits that you have acquired that have helped you reach success; and,
  • Will you write me a positive recommendation letter?