10 Questions To Answer Before Your Speech

Anyone who has ever given a speech knows the agony of wanting to make sure everything goes right, including going through a checklist of questions to ask or points to cover.

This need for preparation can comer anyone who is speaking, from the person who opens the festivities through those who speak to those who make the conclusion. It is useful to be fully knowledgeable of the material that is being presented, but it can also be helpful to be aware of other matters not directly tied into the subject matter.
During the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International Fundraising Conference, Sherri Saginor, president of Smart Speech, offered the following list of questions for anyone to ask before delivering a speech:

* How many people will be in the audience?
* What, exactly, is the agenda for the event?
* What is the topic/theme/subject of the speech?
* How long am I expected to speak?
* What will have happened directly before my speech?
* What will happen immediately after?
* Who are the other speakers, if any?
* What will they be talking about? (Coordinate talking points, if necessary).
* Who will introduce me? Do I need to help them prepare an introduction?
* Will I be expected to answer questions after my speech by either the moderator or the audience. If yes, for how long? What questions might I be asked? Who will moderate this question-answer session?