10 non-celebrity awareness campaign ideas

Public awareness is key to any cause. People can’t donate or take action if they are not aware of a situation and making them aware can present a huge challenge.

It can be an enormous help if a celebrity takes on a cause, not only because a celebrity can make a direct financial contribution but also because an organization’s or cause’s status can rise in direct relation to that of the famous person.

Not every cause enjoys the privilege of celebrity association, however, so that many organizations have to do it on their own. A small interest can become a formidable movement.

In “A Random Book About the Power of Anyone,” Talia Y. Leman offers hints about running an awareness campaign. Leman maintains that a successful awareness campaign does the following:

  • Ignites from a strong emotion;
  • Establishes personal value/purpose for the organizers;
  • Ties process to the outcome;
  • Grabs attention at the launch;
  • Captures imagination along the way;
  • Focuses on passion more than leader(s);
  • Designs it to spread;
  • Makes followers matter;
  • Ends with a big goal; and,
  • Creates a measurable difference.