10 ideas for moving up the pyramid

Is your organization leveraging data for high-value donor strategies to the best of its ability? Remember, in fundraising, there are few things more important than the donor pyramid, and making sure you’re donors are making their way up it.

During a recent conference on fundraising, Angel Aloma, executive director of Food for the Poor in Coconut Creek, Fla., and Kevin Moran, principal at Washington, D.C.-based Integral presented “Shift Happens: How to Ensure Upgrading Your Donors is a Smooth Move.”

The duo suggested 10 techniques that organizations can employ to move donors toward the peak of the giving pyramid:

  • Develop meaningful, personal relationships well beyond donor/fundraiser
  • Calls, cards, notes and prayers
  • Awards
  • Special events
  • Parties with a purpose
  • Proper fulfillment for projects undertaken by donor
  • Access to executive director
  • Coffee break with executive director
  • Personal visits
  • Mission trip to see need and organization’s response to that need