United Way Revenue Ticks Down

Three United Way affiliates reported total support of more than $100 million for the 2014-2015 campaign while overall support for United Way was down by 1 percent last year.

United Way Worldwide reported total public support of $3,872,917,029 for its 2014-15 campaign year, down about 1 percent, or $40,282,451, from a revised $3,913,199,480 for 2013-14. Total revenue was down 2.9 percent, from $4.266 billion last year to $4.142 billion this year.

For at least the sixth straight year, Seattle, Wash.-based United Way of King County (UWKC) raised the most of any affiliate, followed by others that are typically amid the top 10 in public support:

The top 10 affiliates accounted for $796,850,764, about 1.5 percent less than the same 10 agencies reported in the previous year. King County was the only affiliate to break $100 million in 2013-14.

UWKC, which was the only affiliate to break $100 million in 2013-14, came off a record-breaking fundraising year of about $125 million the previous year. In addition to strong fundraising across the board, the 2013-14 campaign was aided by gifts of $14 million associated with the $271 million sale of Pacific Place shopping center by Pine Street Group. Managing partner Matt Griffin also chaired the United Way campaign.

There were about 493 affiliates that reported an increase in public support for 2014-15, compared with 508 that reported some type of decrease.

Several small affiliates reported spikes in fundraising, some as much as double the previous year’s campaign.

Hutchinson County United Way raised $1.3 million, just more than double the previous year’s total of $641,680. The Borger, Texas-based agency took in some $660,000 for a relief fund in response to a fire in one of its communities, according to Executive Director Julie Winters. On top of that, the agency’s annual campaign raised a record $685,000. With fewer than 20,000 people in Hutchinson County, Winters said the United Way has raised more per capita lately than any other in the Lone Star state.

United Way of Dunn County’s cash budget is about $300,000 but the Menomonie, Wisc.-based chapter receives huge amounts of materials from its Framing Hope program with Home Depot, according to Executive Director Diane Simon, in addition to a used household item story that provides free furniture, linens, and clothing to those in need.

United Way of Greater Hazleton in Hazleton, Pa., was up 75 percent, eclipsing $1 million, compared with the previous year’s total of $601,439. President and CEO Patrick Ward said they were the recipients of a large bequest that year.

(Editor’s note: The original version of this story has been revised to correct revenue figures.)