TrueSense Picks Up Broadcaster Wilder

TrueSense Marketing, a fundraising consulting firm in Freedom, Pa., has acquired Scott Wilder Productions, the video and radio production company of Texas-based Christian radio host Scott Wilder. Wilder and his partner, Lauren Lintner, will join TrueSense effective immediately.

According to Mimi Natz, TrueSense’s vice president of media, Wilder’s title is director of broadcast production and Lintner is a broadcast producer. Wilder and Lintner are based in Dallas, Texas. In addition to its Pittsburgh-area headquarters, TrueSense maintains an office in Seattle but does not have plans to expand to Dallas. Natz declined to comment on what TrueSense paid for the acquisition.

“Scott’s company is built around his unique talent for connecting with a broadcast audience at the heart and head level, so they’re motivated to take action,” said Steven Bushee, a principal at TrueSense, in a statement. “With his production company now blended into TrueSense, these broadcast capabilities will mesh with the media we’re using. That’s significant because our success with multichannel fundraising is built on being where donors are and respecting their media preferences.”

Natz said TrueSense has worked with Wilder. TrueSense’s first encounter with the radio host was “placing a campaign on his station for one of our clients,” she said. “Over the last year or two we’ve tapped into Scott and started using some of his resources. That was when we made the decision to acquire the group. He’s a unique character in that he really works across multiple areas within the agency. He understands stations. He understands creative. He understands production process. He brings a lot of talent in a lot of areas.”

TrueSense will begin running multichannel campaigns for clients with a radio element, as well as online features like banner ads, lightboxes, email templates and call center operations. “One of the critical pieces is having a spokesperson for client organizations, someone comfortable going on air and doing interviews, making appearances on stations, talking about the organizations’ mission,” said Natz. “We will send him out to the field so he will actually go out to visit clients’ projects and gather resources that hell be able play at radio stations.”

Said Wilder via statement: “Broadcast is the missing piece of the puzzle for a lot of nonprofits, and now with TrueSense Marketing’s abilities in multichannel fundraising, we’ll be able to connect with donors through a whole range of media choices.”