Salvation Army Announces New Commander

The Salvation Army USA has appointed Commissioner David Jeffery as the new National Commander of The Salvation Army USA, succeeding William Roberts, who will become the next chief of staff of the International Salvation Army. Commissioner Barbara Jeffrey will become National President of Women’s Ministries, effective Nov. 1.

The Aug. 3 election of Andre Cox as the 20th General and world leader of The Salvation Army set in motion a series of executive turnovers. Roberts will succeed Cox, who served as chief of staff, the second-highest position within the International Salvation Army, since February. He will begin his new position Oct. 1. Nancy Roberts will become World Secretary of Women’s Ministries.

Since 2011, David Jeffery served as territorial commander for The Salvation Army Southern territory. Previously, he was National Chief Secretary for the USA National Headquarters in Arlington, Va. As National Commander, Jeffery will be chairman of the national board of trustees, responsible for presiding over tri-annual commissioners’ conferences, bringing together executives from the Salvation’s Army’s four U.S. territories.

Cox, 59, shares his ministry with his wife, Commissioner Silvia Cox, who is the World President of Women’s Ministries. Together, they will lead The Salvation Army’s 1.5 million member churches. The two met when they entered training to become Salvation Army officers in Switzerland and took their first appointments in 1979.

Cox served as chief of staff since February. Prior to that, he was a territorial commander in the Southern African Territory, the Finland and Estonia Territory, and the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland.

The general is the international leader of The Salvation Army and the only elected position, directing operations throughout the world through administrative departments of the international headquarters in London.