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ONE HUNDRED: New Study Launched (Sponsored)

ONE HUNDRED’s Influencers in Philanthropy Report 2019 features interviews
with leaders from across the philanthropic landscape and examines the key trends,
disruptions, challenges, and opportunities in the sector.
In the first report, released in 2017, ONE HUNDRED identified key themes in the
philanthropic field and how they generate results for innovation, impact and
resource generation. In the second report, they follow up with some of the same
leaders but also check in with new names. These leaders are the heads of the
largest nonprofits, leaders among the top private foundations, mega
philanthropists, and corporate executives with exceptional CSR initiatives.

ONE HUNDRED’s new report provides extraordinary insight into the
philanthropic landscape we face currently, and it provides a window into what
leaders see ahead in the near and distant future. The findings reveal four critical
themes the philanthropic sector must prioritize in an ever-expanding and crowded
market. Here’s some of what we’ve found in this year’s report:
● Collaboration: Necessary for greater impact. Engaging in large- and small-scale
partnerships and fostering a spirit of collaboration internally was cited as largely a
no-brainer for the Influencers we spoke with, both in terms of collaborative
funding models and sharing best practices.
● Technology: Technology has fueled a highly informed audience of donors and
potential givers. There was a widespread sense that advanced technology is vastly
underutilized in many philanthropic organizations. Several respondents spoke of
the relentless need to keep up, or ideally stay ahead, of evolving trends, especially
on the technology front.
● Next Generation Donors: With a lot of focus on next generation donors, many
Influencers shared that Millennials and Gen Zers actually share many of the typical
donor hallmarks of other generations from the recent past such as demanding
greater transparency but with one important distinction: the shrinking of the
middle-class donor base. This distinction means that an organization’s successful
engagement with this next generation is more important than ever.
● The Effectiveness of Philanthropy in an ever-changing world: The leaders we
spoke with were clear that philanthropy cannot address the world’s needs on its
own and that the yardstick by which we measure philanthropy’s effectiveness
should not solely be the absence of social problems.
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