NPT Jobs Career Center Redesign

If you have been to the NPT Jobs Career Center today you will have noticed it looks a little different. If you were wondering whether your eyes were playing tricks on you we’re here to put that to rest.

The new look of our Career Center is designed to give job seekers a more streamlined view of available jobs. If you are currently looking for work, here are some of the new features that we think you will find helpful:

  • Browse: While you can still manually enter keywords in a search bar, we have introduced the “Browse” feature to better help you find the nonprofit job of your dreams. This section lists the amount of jobs available in various categories, including state and experience level.
  • Explore: This feature is very helpful if you consider yourself a visual person. By clicking the “Explore” tab, you will see a map of the United States littered with markers. Each of these markers represents a job. By selecting either “employer” or “state” you can see how many available positions there are either by employer name or by state. This feature is integrated with Google Maps, so you can easily see a street view of the organization you are hoping to join.
  • Updated Look: The main change you will notice in the NPT Jobs Career Center is the visual look of the site. We have removed the job descriptions from the search landing page, leaving it less cluttered. We have also introduced a sorting feature that will list jobs either by how new they are or how close they are to your location.