New York Opens Services Portal For Nonprofits

The New York State Division of the Budget has launched a new website aimed to streamline relations between nonprofits and the state government, as well as disclose information impacting the nonprofit sector.

The site, www.ny.gov/nonprofits, will include a variety of features, including:

• A step-by-step guide to help New Yorkers establish a nonprofit, including how to file for tax exemption;
• The Grants Gateway system, which allows for the completion of administrative requirements prior to an application process — enabling organizations to prequalify for state grants;
• Information on new state initiatives such as the $100 million in total funding to the Nonprofit Infrastructure Capital Investment program; and,
• A news portal where organization members can find updates and guidance on issues. The portal is the latest initiative of the Division of the Budget’s Nonprofit Coordination Unit, which was established in 2014 to support nonprofits and strengthen partnerships in the state.

“This website realizes the governor’s commitment to strengthen the working relationship between the nonprofit sector and New York State agencies,” said Fran Barrett, interagency coordinator for not-for-profit services in the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “We want our nonprofit partners to have easy access to all the information, news and guidance that will help them best serve New Yorkers.”

The site is intended to serve as a one-stop portal for New York nonprofits seeking information about state government, according to a Division of the Budget spokesperson. Given the variety of interaction between the state and nonprofit sector, and the number of government initiatives impacting organizations, the goal is to help those in the sector navigate and stay on top of developments.

The Nonprofit Coordination unit, which spans both the Division of the Budget and Executive Office, has three primary goals, according to the spokesperson:
• Resolve individual nonprofit problems having to do with state agencies in a timely fashion;
• Provide expertise and a nonprofit perspective to discussions about human service policy; and,
• Systematic institutional reform.

New York is home to 100,000 nonprofits, employing 1.25 million residents – 18 percent of all private sector jobs in the state. Organizations are engaged with New York government through over 6,000 state contracts.