New Options Evolving For Fundraising Via Facebook
Facebook fundraising nonprofit

The New Year is already more than a month old and though lines at the local gym and health-food store are already shorter than they were a few weeks ago, 2017 fundraising goals don’t have to go the same route.

Nonprofits on Facebook has set out to help organizations find ways to most effectively use the popular social media platform to cultivate, engage and drive supporters to action. Some of the best ways for nonprofits to utilize the platform, according to Nonprofits on Facebook, include:

  • Use call-to-action buttons. Donate buttons, for instance, can be placed on the page header of an organizations’ Facebook page. Buttons can both collect donations directly on Facebook or link supporters to another donation page;
  • Send thank-you messages. Written messages can be sent via the platform, as can videos. Short video messages are often more successful, both providing supporters with visual evidence of the organization’s impact as well as being more likely to be viewed and shared;
  • Optimize content. Consider engaging supporters by showcasing special occasions such as specific achievements and milestones and depicting where organizational resources go. Donors and volunteers can also be acknowledged individually by being tagged in posts.
  • Go live. Facebook Live facilitates the posting of real-time video. Organizations have used Facebook Live for reporting from the field, question-and-answer sessions and mini-telethons;
  • Show that you care by answering every Facebook post on your page. The simple step shows the community that you serve that you care what they have to say;
  • Use Workplace by Facebook, free for nonprofits, to facilitate inter-office communication. Tools include news feed, groups and messaging;
  • Cultivate and connect people of similar interests and goals with Facebook Groups. Groups allow individuals to share news, photos and events while collaborating with one another.

To see the full list and for more ideas visit: https://nonprofits.fb.com/2017/01/13/12-ways-to-make-2017-your-nonprofits-best-year-yet.