Major NPO Tech Firms Rebranded As Bonterra

The corporate umbrella under which four of the nonprofit sector’s most recognized tech names reside finally has a name of its own. CyberGrants, EveryAction, Network for Good, Social Solutions, and their respective entities will operate as Bonterra.

NGP VAN, the political fundraising, organizing, advocacy, and email solution, will continue to operate as NGP VAN. ActionKit and Mobilize will roll up to NGP VAN.

The firm has 1,400 employees working in 43 states and five countries and will be headquartered in Austin, Texas. Bonterra officials report having more than 19,000 customers, including more than 15,000 nonprofits, in excess of 80 foundations and partners, and more than 50% of Fortune 100 companies. During 2021, clients directed giving in excess of $7.4 billion to more than 225,000 nonprofits, according to data provided by the firm.

Bonterra stems from the French word for “good” (bon) and the Latin word for “land” (terra) represents “the exponential good that can be accomplished with the right foundation and supports the company’s purpose to power those who power social impact,” according to Erin Mulligan Nelson, CEO of Bonterra.

She referred to the naming decisions as “excruciating.” There were 550 potential names. “What do you want the name to do, clarity … there are the ones you love, those that are accessible,” Mulligan Nelson said.

“Over time everything will roll” into the Bonterra name, with the possible exception of when a product is so well known that it makes more sense to keep the name, Mulligan Nelson said. The firm has 15 products under the umbrella.

The product mix allows for scalability, from the smallest to largest organizations, she said. “Those on the smaller side (of revenue) most are underserved right now,” she said.

The blended firm has been selling tech bundles of the various products. “We are going to market as an integrated solution,” she said. “Joining these organizations together offers limitless possibilities to help the doers reach their most ambitious goals. This collaboration has the power to reshape philanthropic giving, empower digital transformation, and bring the social good sector the technology it needs to accelerate lasting social change,” said Mulligan Nelson.

Philanthropy has three elements in her mind – time, money and voice, said Mulligan Nelson. “The product strategy unlocks all of those elements.”