Just In Time For The Holidays: The Dec. 1 Issue Of NPT

Just in time for the end of Thanksgiving weekend, the December 1, 2013 edition of The NonProfit Times is now available.

Along with the usual stories on the latest issues in the nonprofit sector, this issue of NPT also contains our 2014 Annual Buyers’ Guide. Rather than just being a couple of pages in the magazine, this year’s Guide is included as a pull-out section that readers can refer to throughout the year. Designed to be the definitive guide of nonprofit services, the 2014 Buyers’ Guide lists 600 companies spanning 32-pages. You can refer to last week’s blog post for more information on the Guide.

In terms of the editorial content of the December 1 issue, here are some of the stories you can expect to find:

Special Report

  • It’s A New Year: Now What?: What will be the biggest issues facing the nonprofit sector as we head closer to 2014? The NonProfit Times turned to some of the most influential voices in the industry for insights on how they will plan the next 12 months.


  • Corporate Social Responsibility Comes In Many Flavors, Some Not So Tasty: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has taken on a new life as the for-profit world tries to rebound from the bad image capitalism obtained during the Great Recession. In this article, NPT Senior Editor Mark Hrwyna takes a look at some of the more notable CSR campaigns of the year.
  • New Veterans’ Charities Race Past Broader Sector: Despite what seems like a regularity of some veterans’ charities to be in the news for alleged malfeasance, veterans-related charities have fared well relative to overall charitable giving.
  • Food Deserts Get Drier In A SNAP: Participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) saw federal budget cuts create an average reduction of 5.5 percent to monthly benefits, starting Nov. 1.


  • A Fresh StartNPT contributing editor Thomas A. McLaughlin explains how nonprofit managers can capitalize on some of the bigger changes happening now — and ones that seem ready to expand rapidly in the coming years.
  • Mission-Focused Results: John Davidoff, founder and managing director of Davidoff Communications, lists several key steps nonprofits can take — all of them apply to crisis and non-crisis times — to enhance their mission-driven nature.

Current subscribers of NPT can expect to see their copy of the December 1, 2013 issue in their mailbox or inbox soon, if it hasn’t already arrived. Are you not a current subscriber? Head to our online store to order you subscription today, with prices starting as low as $19.95.