It’s Here: The 2014 Nonprofit Salary And Benefits Reports

Last summer we asked nonprofit managers from across the country to participate in our annual Salary and Benefits Survey. After months of studying the data we are excited to announce the release of The 2014 Nonprofit Organizations Salary and Benefits Reports.

This year’s data was converted into four separate reports, tailored to the specific needs of your organization:

  • 2014 Salary and Benefits Report: This comprehensive report provides current salary information on 236 nonprofit positions from entry level to the executive office, and complete data on 94 employee benefit offerings including healthcare, retirement, executive perks, vacation, and much more.
  • 2014 Salary Report: This report focuses on current salary information on 236 nonprofit positions from entry level to the executive office including base salary, bonus practices, total cash compensation, salary increases, employee turnover, and more.
  • 2014 Benefits Report: This report is specific to benefit offerings only, providing complete information on 94 employee benefit offerings including medical, dental, vision, retirement, executive perks, employee leave, executive employment agreements, flexible spending accounts, life insurance & disability, and more.
  • 2014 Top Executive Positions Salary and Special Perks Report: This special report provides complete salary information on the top 15 executive level positions within the nonprofit sector and detailed information on special executive benefit offerings and the use of employment agreements for each position.

With organizations coming under more scrutiny for their salary and benefits, it’s important that managers rely on the most up-to-date data and trends which is why these four reports are so valuable. All of the information contained in the four reports is compliant with and can be used in conjunction with the IRS 990 reporting criteria.

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