Hackathon To Benefit Atlanta Nonprofits

A month-long hackathon will benefit three Atlanta-based nonprofits, the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) announced today. Teams of coders, developers and engineers will compete to provide mobile solutions for the American Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Club of America, and Points of Light HandsOn Network. The winning team will receive $30,000 in cash and prizes.

“We wanted to create an event to showcase Georgia’s vibrant mobile technology sector while making a significant impact on society,” said TAG president and CEO Tino Mantella.

The event, known as the Mobility Live Hack-Back, will run from August 19 until September 17. A winner will be chosen by a panel of judges from the mobile technology industry and the nonprofit beneficiaries on September 19, and the finalists will present their projects at the Mobility Live conference in Atlanta on September 23.

The idea was born from a TAG-sponsored hackathon run earlier this year to benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Mantella said about 100 teams participated in the earlier hackathon and he hopes to have more than 100 for the Hack-Back. “It’s a real viable way to bring in technologists to partner with nonprofits to help them do things they might not have the resources to do themselves,” he said.

The three nonprofit beneficiaries have released a list of problems to which the participating teams will find a mobile solution. “The American Cancer Society is focused on providing information about cancer prevention and detection. The Boys and Girls Club is about connecting kids to clubs, and connecting alumni. Points of Light is trying to keep volunteers engaged,” said Amanda Hendley, TAG’s chief operating officer.

Projects for the ACS include an event registration app, a symptoms tracker and an informational app called CancerPedia. Boys and Girls Club is looking for a mobile donate solution, a chapter finder and a parental resource app. PoL wants a mobile version of its All for Good project website, as well as an interactive guide app for visitors to the Extra Mile national monument in Washington, D.C.

Interested coders can go to http://www.tagonline.org/events/hackathon-invitational/ to sign up, read the contest rules and find a full list of projects.