#GivingTuesday Up 20%

Nonprofit hopes are high that #GivingTuesday will reach new heights after previous records were eclipsed on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Early estimates had donations up by more than 20 percent.

The #GivingTuesday Data Project by 92Y estimated a haul of $168 million worldwide, with the majority through online donations to U.S.-based nonprofits, according to a survey of 28 platforms that participated in the project. The release of yesterday’s estimates, which may be revised in the future, would be some 43 percent more than the $117 million reported last year. It’s unclear how many of the same platforms were included in last year’s figures. The total number of gifts was estimated at 1.56 million, with an average gift size of $107.69.

By Wednesday morning, estimates from four donation processing firms had already surpassed the previous year’s total, approaching $125 million.

Blackbaud processed more than $47.7 million in online donations from U.S. donors, up about 20 percent from the almost $40 million raised last year. PayPal reported $48 million in donations, up 5 percent from $45.8 million. DonorPerfect reported $18.912 million in donations processed, about 27 percent more than last year’s total of almost $15 million. Network for Good processed $7.654 million, up from $6.55 million. The total estimate of $124 million, based on a survey of companies by The NonProfit Times, may include some overlap, particularly between Blackbaud and PayPal. In some cases, donations made on Tuesday might not necessarily be attributed directly to #GivingTuesday.

Online donations via Blackbaud were up 31 percent and the number of nonprofits receiving an online donation was up 33 percent. About 22 percent of online donations were made from a mobile device on #GivingTuesday, up from 17 percent last year, and 13 percent in 2014. About 45,000 organizations worldwide were expected to participate. The average online gift processed by Blackbaud was $126 — down 8 percent from last year’s average of $137 on #GivingTuesday but still considerably higher than the average $50 for online gifts of less than $1,000, according to Blackbaud.

During the evening hours past 7 p.m. EST, about half of donations were coming in via desktop, with 38 percent from mobile devices and 12 percent from tablet devices, according to Jon Biedermann, vice president of the Horsham, Pa.-based DonorPerfect. “Online activity at this time of day is about half of the peak time during #GivingTuesday but still 2.5 times that of a peak day any other day of the year, except for Dec. 31,” he said.

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