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Free Webinar: Social Loves Email

Thanks again to everyone who attended our last free webinar, “Meeting New Nonprofit Regulations and Standards in 2014.” For those who enjoyed that presentation, we have another upcoming that should pique your interest.

On January 23, in partnership with Salsa Labs, we will be hosting the “Social Loves Email” webinar. This presentation will focus on how a simple, effective strategy for getting the most out of integrated email, social media, and multichannel marketing will pay off with your donor outreach. Technology experts Roz Lemieux and Justin Perkins will lead the presentation and teach attendees the following strategies and tools that will help you:

  • Recruit more donors and super activists;
  • Raise more money more efficiently;
  • Save loads of time and budget;
  • Simplify your multichannel integration; and,
  • Stretch your marketing efforts further.

As always, registration for this webinar is completely free. Sign up today so you can learn how to best integrate your multichannel marketing with your donor outreach.

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