Find Nonprofit Services With The 2015 Buyers’ Guide

Are you looking for an authoritative directory of suppliers for your nonprofit? Look no further than our recently-released 2015 Buyers’ Guide.

Included as a pull-out section in our December 1 issue, the 2015 Buyers’ Guide features more than 600 listings in 65 categories. Whether you need assistance with your capital campaigns or want to redesign your website, our Buyers’ Guide is designed to be a one-stop shop for all of your nonprofit needs.

Suppliers, if we missed listing your company this year, please email your listing information to Mary Ford at [email protected] so we can include you in our 2016 edition. Mary is also the best person to contact if you want to advertise in our 2016 Buyers’ Guide so that your company stands out from the crowd. You can also reserve a spot for your company by filling out our 2016 Buyers’ Guide online form. This form is available on our home page and will be there throughout the year.

If you don’t receive a print copy of The NonProfit Times, you can view and print the digital version of the 2015 Buyer’s Guide by heading to our website by clicking here.