Facebook Launched Nonprofit Tutorial Page

Nonprofit staffers now have a new website to check intermittently throughout the day. Facebook, used by many organizations to share initiatives, network and fundraise, announced late last week that it has launched nonprofits.fb.com.

The organization-focused website will look to strengthen nonprofits’ Facebook presence, help groups better use Facebook tools and share success stories. The site is set up to provide guidelines assisting organizational employees with everything from setting up a Facebook account to conducting social media campaigns to engaging new users with the social media giant’s ad program.

“We hope that this website will serve as a valuable resource for nonprofits, regardless of their size, focus or location,” Joanne Sprague, marketing manager, Social Good said via a blog post announcement. “This is just the next step in our efforts to build tools and products to empower our global community to do more good on Facebook. We can’t wait to see what the community does next.”

The reasons for the new website are threefold, according to a release:

* A desire to help organizations use Facebook more effectively to help achieve goals. The company has become aware that members of some organizations have sought additional help in navigating Facebook’s platform;

* To help nonprofits define their social media objectives and understand what is necessary to accomplish those goals; and,

* To continue on an effort to provide organizations with additional tools to assist in doing more work on the platform. As more products and tools that could help nonprofits are created, associated information will be added to the website.

For more information, visit nonprofits.fb.com.