Charity Executive Goes Into Hiding

The whereabouts of a charity executive in Australia are either being kept secret or are actually unknown. She is a whistleblower in a potential fraud by a previous executive.

Fairfax Media and the Sydney Morning Herald are reporting that The Women in Prison Advocacy Network, now the Women’s Justice Network (WJN), turned financial documents over to police after it was discovered at least $200,000 might have been embezzled.

Catherine Brennan, who is not suspected of any wrongdoing, stepped down from her role as head of the organization shortly after  reporting to the organization’s board revelations of the unauthorized transactions, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Then came the threats from a former executive who had previously served time in jail for robbery and fraud.

The media outlet reported that the threats were so serious the organization’s insurer urged them to keep her away for safety. She was “moved to secure accommodation on the advice of a corporate security firm” and paid for by the WJN board, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

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