Bring Your Fundraising Into Better Focus

How would you rate your nonprofit’s fundraising levels? If you answered anything other than “great” or “good,” it’s time to re-evaluate the way you go about things. That’s where StratusLive can help.

Join us on August 28th for a free product information webinar to see StratusLIVE’s enterprise-class, nonprofit business intelligence capabilities in action. Learn how StratusLIVE BI can help you make faster decisions, improve effectiveness, and increase fundraising results. These latest tools leverage existing skills and familiar software to help you find new ways to save time, optimize impact, and raise more money.

This fast-moving session will demonstrate how StratusLIVE helps clients:

  • Discover, model, analyze, and visualize large volumes of donor data and marketing information in real time.
  • Accelerate insights and answers from your data which were previously unavailable
  • Recapture time, increase effectiveness, and empower your teams to share and collaborate from anywhere at any time
  • Understand the importance of eliminating outdated processes, legacy software, and expensive service vendor bottlenecks

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*The webinar content is sponsored by and presented by StratusLIVE Nonprofit Business Intelligence. The NonProfit Times makes no representation as to the claims of this software product and or its abilities. However, marketplace demands for real-time analysis of huge quantities of dataespecially for direct mail-driven organizationsare important enough to present this information to you without regard to its merit or claims.