ASI Acquires Peer-To Peer Fundraiser UNXvision

Advanced Solutions International (ASI), makers of the donor management software iMIS 20, has acquired UNXvision, an online fundraising software producer in Markham, Ontario, Canada. ASI will add UNXvision’s flagship product, Cause2Give, to its suite of software.

An estimated 120 of ASI’s 200 employees are based in North America. None of the approximately 20 UNXvision employees will be laid off. Neither company is publically traded, and Edward Wendling, the Alexandria, Va.-based ASI’s global director of marketing, declined to discuss further details of the deal, such as cost or payment terms. The acquisition is complete.

Cause2Give is meant to complement ASI’s iMIS 20 Engagement Management System. “Cause2Give is a peer-to-peer fundraising solution,” said Wendling. “It does team-based and events-based fundraising. iMIS does not have a peer-to-peer solution.”

Wendling said that rather than develop peer-to-peer capabilities for iMIS, ASI decided to acquire a proven technology. “The product is there, and we see a lot of similarities in the culture of the organizations,” he said. “UNXvision is a company we have a good working relationship with plus we’re interested in adding not just the product but their industry and product knowledge. We’re interested in their people.”

UNXvision will keep its brand and corporate structure intact and operate as a subsidiary of ASI, said Wendling. “No change with ASI,” he said.

The acquisition of UNXvision marks the fourth acquisition for ASI in about two years, said Wendling. Other acquisitions include Canadian cloud-based fundraising software maker Income Manager, an online community manager called GoLightly, and SpaceMaster, an advertising management platform.