Abila Launches Elevate Fundraising Platform

Abila software launched Abila Elevate, a cloud-based fundraising platform. It is designed on a software as a service (SaaS) system with intuitive design and drag-and-drop configuration. It includes donor scoring that tracks and grades a donor’s activity with the organization.

The platform has customized dashboards with drag-and-drop functionality that allows fundraisers to create a snapshot of upcoming tasks and track campaign performance, according to the Austin, Texas-based firm. Elevate’s Circles feature provides at-a-glance visibility into a donor’s relationships and communities. It includes donor scoring unique to the donor’s activity with the organization, according to the firm. The system allows fundraisers to see giving cycles and donor behavior to capture the maximum gifts at key intervals. Elevate allows fundraisers to identify trends in timing and frequency to better time appeals.

Industry research shows that organizations lose 61 percent of donors each year and more than $25 billion in donations are at risk of going to another organization. While organizations have mountains of data in their databases, 74 percent of organizations aren’t able to use that data to make strategic decisions. “Abila Elevate turns data into knowledge so fundraisers can treat every donor like a major donor,” said Krista Endsley, CEO of Abila.

To learn more, visit: www.abila.com/elevate