7 Things You Shouldn’t Say During An Interview

Chances are that you have said something you wish you could take back at least once in your life. While suffering from a sudden case of foot-in-mouth disease can be merely embarrassing in most instances, it can all but ruin your chances of getting a job when it happens during an interview.

Job seekers often focus on saying the right thing and while that is important, saying the wrong thing should also be avoided. A poorly-timed faux pas can be so damaging that it could force a hiring manager to overlook all the good things you did up to that point. Not all mistakes are created equal, of course, which is something that Kaitlin Madden was sure to point out in a recent article on CareerBuilder.com. In the piece, she listed the seven things you should never say during an interview under any circumstances:

  • “My last boss was an idiot.”
  • A stream of one-word answers.
  • Your opinions on politics, religion, or other hot-button topics.
  • “Of course I know [skill you actually don’t know but are saying anyway to increase your chances of getting hired]!”
  • “Want to get a drink or a bite to eat after this is done?”
  • Laughing hysterically at a joke the interviewer tells. It’s fine to chuckle, but don’t overdo it.
  • “I’m not THAT great.” Modesty is accepted in most walks of life but not in the world of interviews. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself.