5 Ways To Prepare For A Behavioral Interview

Just because you land an interview does not mean you are going to get the job. Getting called in to talk with the hiring manager is only one step in the process and if you don’t perform well, it’s likely you won’t get a second chance to redeem yourself.

According to Alan de Black, author of “Get Hired in a Tough Environment,” one of the best ways to make the best impressions is preparing for what he calls a Behavioral Interview. This technique is based on the premise that the best predictor of future performance is past performance. In other words, if the employer is looking for a candidate that is proficient in fundraising, the best way to show that you have this skill is to reflect on how you performed at it in a previous job. As such, this type of interview will be loaded with questions that are designed to probe for specific past experiences and examples

In his online presentation entitled “Ace the Interview: Behavioral Interview Tips,” de Black listed five ways to prepare for a Behavioral Interview:

  • Review the job description carefully;
  • Identify key skills/competencies;
  • Review your resume for those skills;
  • Identify specific examples of how you used/exhibited them; and,
  • Practice.