5 Ideas For Nonprofit HR Management

Hiring talented employees for your organization is one thing; it’s another to get them to work at the height of their abilities on a consistent basis. For nonprofit human resources managers, that’s a challenge they are faced with every day.

The success of any organization depends on the effort and enthusiasm of its workers, according to Lynne Toupin, an HR consultant, in the book “Five Good Ideas.” She wrote that the nonprofit sector is characterized by the passion and commitment of its employees, which is reflected by a much higher rate of job satisfaction when compared to other industries. Despite this, HR managers need to remain vigilant in making sure their employees are happy and engaged. To that end, Toupin offered five suggestions that will make the most out of workers’ enthusiasm and energy:

  • Align skills, knowledge and interests with the jobs that need to be done.
  • Pay competitive salaries and benefits.
  • Create a plan for succession.
  • Develop and sustain a culture of ongoing learning.
  • Integrate your workers, both paid and unpaid.