CRM Firm Orange Leap Acquired By YourCause

Orange Leap, one of the first software as a service providers (SaaS) for charitable organizations, was acquired by Carrollton, Texas-based YourCause. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Orange Leap Founder Randy McCabe will join YourCause as director of nonprofit services.

YourCause has a hosted and managed platform for employee philanthropy, volunteering, sustainability, and general engagement programs. The firm’s largest client is AT&T, said Matt Combs, founder and CEO of YourCause. Orange Leap is an online constituent management system based in Dallas, Texas.

Combs said he is examining other technology options targeting the sector to grow the company. “The acquisition of Orange Leap is another step in that direction and one that we feel will serve as a critical foundation for building additional future offerings and services. Obviously, we are very excited about this transaction,” said Combs.

“YourCause continues to seek additional methods in which we are able to bring about greater efficiencies to nonprofits, increasing their abilities to more effectively pursue and achieve the very causes for which they were established to tackle,” said Combs.

YourCause at one time was in the same building as Orange Leap and the two chief executives became friendly with the firms starting to work together, said Combs. “Orange Leap and YourCause have operated closely to one another for the past 8-plus years, giving us a chance to form a deep understanding of our respective businesses, but more importantly, a solid relationship between our teams that will be key to our future success,” said McCabe. Talks got serious about eight months ago, said Combs.

Orange Leap was originally started as MPower Systems within fundraising agency KMA Direct Communications, run by McCabe’s father Tom McCabe. The product was an installed database system called MPX.

The assets of MPower were spun out in 2001, continuing to serve mostly mid-to-large and a lot of faith-based nonprofits that had large data files running sophisticated direct response fundraising programs. KMA was acquired by Pursuant in 2010.

Orange Leap’s clients include large national organizations such as MADD and some as small as the Union Gospel Mission of Dallas, a local homeless shelter.

Orange Leap On Demand was launched in 2010, as a cloud solution that can be used by nonprofits of all sizes.

YourCause was launched in 2007 and donors have used it to give to approximately 90,000 organizations.