The 20-Minute Fundraising Appeal

Ever been called on to prepare a professional presentation … and wondered how and when you’d be ready to perform?

To make the challenge even more impossible, you’re told, “Oh, and we need it this afternoon.”

After January 15, you’ll be able to chuckle as you tickle the keyboard with confidence and capability, because you’ll be using the tips, tricks, and tactics you’ve absorbed from what could be the most useful professional assistance you’ve ever had from a unique webinar: “How to Create a NonProfit Appeal in 20 Minutes,” scheduled at 2:00 pm Eastern time, Thursday, January 15.

As you’re reading this announcement, questions may be flying through your mind: Is it possible? Do principles actually exist, and all I have to do is apply my knowledge of our nonprofit to the knowledge I’ll pick up at this webinar? How extensive is this webinar? Who’s behind it? Who’s delivering it?

Those questions deserve an answer. Principles do exist, and you’ll have them. This webinar begins at 2:00 pm and positively ends at 3:00 pm. You never have to leave your desk. The NonProfit Times is the sponsor. The presenter is internationally-recognized authority Herschell Gordon Lewis, author of many books, NPT  columnist, and member of the Direct Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame.

Just a sample of what will have you making useful notation after useful notation: You’ll be in possession of simple rules – how to start the presentation; what should constitute the “guts”; how to generate participation; words that excite and words that dull; simple internal tests that force you to stay on-target.

Generally regarded as the most lionized living copywriter, Herschell Gordon Lewis will add stimulus that can have an effect on anything you write from the moment you’ve attended this webinar. You’ll avoid low-power word such as “among” and “available.” You’ll discard many versions of the verb “to be.” You’ll have at your fingertips a quick litmus-test telling you whether your envelope copy, letter structure, or email subject line is doomed before any outsider sees it.

Armed with fast and furious ammunition that really does make possible creation of a professional presentation in 20 minutes (or maybe, as you begin to apply these easy and fast little rules, less than 20 minutes), you’ll see and benefit from lifetime value, especially since the webinar is priced at just $59

To be sure you won’t miss out, head to our online store to purchase access.