Time Out. Take Your Mind Off The Insanity
Time Out. Take You Mind Off The Insanity

Everyone is busy adapting to the new work and fundraising environment. This can’t be considered “the new normal.” We’ll all be back to what we were doing, with a few adaptations, in a few months.

Meanwhile, take some time to let your brain walk away from all of this mayhem. Here are six nonprofit-related games you can play on your computer. There are more on the GamesForChange website at www. http://www.gamesforchange.org/


Akrasia is an abstract representation of addiction. The game is set in a maze that represents the mind. The maze has two states — normal and psychedelic. To enter the game, the player has to collect a pill-shaped object and thus enters the game as “addict.” From “chasing the dragon” and the experience of dependency to working your way through “cold turkey stage” where willpower is mapped onto navigation skills, this game models the essential dimensions of the addiction gestalt as identified by its creators.


Climate Defense

Climate Defense is a single-player tower defense game that tasks the player with preventing global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) before it builds up in the atmosphere. Towers, representing set quantities of trees that could be grown to absorb carbon dioxide, can be constructed by the player to destroy CO2 clouds that march along pathways from the surface of the earth to the atmosphere in waves. As the average global temperature increases, impacts are presented to the player, detailing the expected results of global temperature increases predicted by scientists and economists. 


Executive Command

Ever wondered how you’d do as President of the United States? Find out with Executive Command. Try your hand at juggling the challenges and responsibilities of a term in office. Can you accomplish anything related to your chosen agenda, or will you get hopelessly sidetracked by war and bad policy? Wearing the president’s many hats is no easy task. Are you up to it?


Code Fred: Survival Mode

Fred is having an awful night. Lost in the wilderness and pursued by vicious wolves, it doesn’t seem like things could get any worse. The only thing keeping Fred from certain death is his body, a complex series of systems designed to keep him alive. While they operate at full capacity to get Fred back to safety, it is the perfect opportunity to take a close look and examine just how these systems work.


Endgame: Syria

Endgame Syria, a news game, examines the complexities of the Syrian civil war through card-based gameplay. Played from the perspective of the Syrian rebels, each turn is divided into two phases, political and military. The consequences of players’ strategic choices, all of which impact the final outcome, are clearly outlined by the game, showing the options available to the Syrian rebels and the long and difficult road to potential war resolution.


Do I Have a Right?

Explore the Bill of Rights while owning and operating your own constitutional law firm. Hire lawyers with special talents and areas of expertise and assign them to distraught clients with legal quandaries of varying validity. Wield the Bill of Rights like a high power microscope, examine a variety of fun and quirky legal cases, and ultimately become a prestigious purveyor of expert legal advice.