“Cruise the Zoo” Drive-Through Fundraiser Allows Safe Animal Visits
“Cruise the Zoo” Drive-Through Fundraiser Allows Safe Animal Visits

To get at least some revenue rolling in the door, literally, The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is allowing visitors to view its animals, protected against microbes and maulings, from the safety of their cars. Its “Cruise the Zoo” drive-through promotion provides limited visitation for wildlife lovers through May 31.

The promotion offsets the cost of feeding, sheltering and maintaining the animals and allows visitors to have an outing with minimal non-family contact.

“While the Zoo has been closed for over two months, our daily efforts to care for some of the world’s most endangered animals does not stop,” Metroparks Zoo Executive Director Chris Kuhar said via a statement.

The zoo has been shuttered since March 16, and local media reported it had lost $1.5 million by the end of April.

For $40 per car, or $20 for zoo members, visitors in their own enclosed vehicles (motorcycles, bicycles and the like are not permitted) take an audio-guided tour along a meandering path. The drive moves at around four miles per hour through the zoo’s African Savanna, Wilderness Trek, African Elephant Crossing vistas, with occasional pauses.

The primate, cat, and aquatic areas, along with the Australian Adventure exhibit, are not part of the tour, although kangaroos, lions, snow leopards and tigers are on display, temperament permitting.

Entry times are staggered, tickets must be purchased in advance and only 150 vehicles are permitted each hour.

Visitors are required to stay in their cars during their drive. Bathrooms are available in a parking lot off zoo grounds, and snacks and beverages are available at pull-off areas.

Information and tickets are available here: https://bit.ly/2XwUCrV