Discussing Accountability

March 1, 2005       Jeff Jones      

When two U.S. Senators encouraged Washington, D.C.-based Independent Sector to convene a national panel last September, officials and nonprofit leaders started laying the foundation for a far-reaching review of the sector.

Special Report: Give And Go

March 1, 2005       Matthew Sinclair      

Call it supporting a good cause, hedging one’s bets or cramming for the final exam, Americans tend to prefer donating to faith-based health care or long term care.

Promise Keepers Looks To Rebound

March 1, 2005       Tom Pope      

The parable says not to put all your eggs in one basket. New Chief Financial Officer Jackie Loh of the religious organization Promise Keepers in Denver aims to avoid that problem from the group’s past.

NIA Launched To Promote Nonprofit Patent Free Zone

March 1, 2005       Craig Causer      

A group of technology vendors and service providers that serve nonprofit organizations banded together to promote improved access to new innovations and technologies. The launch of the Nonprofit Innovation Alliance (NIA) marks the beginning of a battle regarding royalties paid for business method patents, patents which have become increasingly controversial in the for-profit world.

Fundraising: The Next Generation

February 15, 2005       Craig Causer      

Society is obsessed with future leaders and professionals. The questions are perpetual: Where will we find the leading 2008 candidate for president? Is LeBron James the next Michael Jordan? Who will be the next American Idol?

Whistling Dixie

February 15, 2005       Craig Causer      

Flocking to the local multiplex on the weekend continues as one of the staples of youth. According to a 2003 Motion Picture Association report, patrons ages 12 through 24 account for 30 percent of total yearly admissions to movies, as measured by ticket purchases.

Nomadic Lists

February 15, 2005       Clint Carpenter      

Some shakers in the nonprofit list industry have also been movers of late.

Blogs, Emails, Webs Follow Tsunami Efforts

February 1, 2005       Jeff Jones      

It’s a connected world with 24-hour news cycles and people craving instant access to world events. Several nonprofits providing tsunami relief in South Asia are leveraging technology know-how and Web sites to share stories from the frontline.

Social Services Market Evolves

February 1, 2005       Todd Cohen      

Just five years ago, states were flush with tax revenues in a booming economy. States sought to farm out social services under a federal policy designed to move people from welfare to work. State and local governments were fueling competition between nonprofit agencies and for-profit providers for services ranging from day care to job training.

Funding Opportunity In Senate Finance Committees White Paper

February 1, 2005       Jeff Jones      

Nonprofit leaders, some of whom are involved with Independent Sector’s nonprofit sector panel, could benefit from funding opportunities discussed in the Senate Finance Committee’s white paper.

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