Nonprofits Have A Spotty Record On Diversity

February 26, 2007       Eugene Tempel      

Racial and ethnic diversity in senior management is a significant challenge for the nonprofit sector. Research confirms that there is less diversity at the leadership level than in entry-level positions.

Putting That Spark In Your Script

February 15, 2007       Natalie Ghidotti      

“Mr. Jones, your worst nightmare has come true.”

VFW Rebranding

February 15, 2007       Tom Pope      

What’s wrong with this image? Stop a person on the street at random and ask about impressions of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and you’ll probably hear it’s a hall offering cheap beer where old soldiers talk about World War II.

Get In Gear Avatars

February 15, 2007       Craig Causer      

Parents often rue the day when their child came home with a metal stud protruding from an eyebrow or a Maori tattoo scrolled across the breadth of a lower back. Self-expression might continue to be the hallmark of youth but with the growing popularity of Internet avatars, kids can enjoy all the piercing and tats without the guff from the parental units.

What A Disaster

February 5, 2007       Marla Nobles      

The first nine months of 2006 proved sobering for the nonprofits – but it wasn’t unexpected. Coming off a year of unprecedented disaster-related support, last year’s donor counts were down a median 2.4 percent when compared to the same period the year prior, according to a new study.

Acquisition Frenzy

February 1, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

In two blockbuster technology deals that will impact thousands of nonprofit groups, online fundraising firm Convio has a deal to buy GetActive Software and as reported on, software giant Blackbaud has purchased Target Software and Target Analysis Group for $60 million.

Texas Nonprofits Pumping Up

February 1, 2007       Tom Pope      

One color of natural gas usually is blue, but for nonprofits in and around Fort Worth, Texas, the color is green as they cash in on mineral rights to the tune of millions of dollars.

Beamer Struggling With Missions

February 1, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

The organization that rallied a nation after the September 11 terror attacks with the phrase “Let’s Roll” is looking for a rescue of its own. Faced with dwindling finances, the Todd M. Beamer Foundation will make a decision about its future in the coming weeks.

How To Plan A Leadership Crisis

January 29, 2007       Priscilla Rosenwald      

In Sebastian Junger’s award winning novel, The Perfect Storm, a confluence of conditions combined to form a killer storm in the North Atlantic. The strong-willed and stubborn captain ignored the warnings and forged ahead, mortally endangering his crew and his ship.

The New Wave Of Philanthropy

January 15, 2007       Natalie Ghidotti      

Entrepreneurial philanthropy. Planetary philanthropy. Venture philanthropy. Innovative philanthropy. Hybrid philanthropy.

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