Postal Hikes Looming

April 1, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

An average nonprofit postal rate hike of 6.7 percent will take effect May 14, following approval by the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Tribune Foundation Caught In A Buy-Out Bind

April 1, 2007       Tom Pope      

They threw a party and no one attended. The party for the sale of the Tribune Co.’s assets invited several players, but after the January 17 date for a bid acceptance, the Tribune management and board of the McCormick Tribune Foundation were still looking for a buyer.

Cyber Journey

March 15, 2007       Tom Gaffny      

I settled into a chair in front of my computer on the morning of December 8, dusted off my credit card, cracked my knuckles, and proceeded on a journey that has taken me through 66 charities, three time zones, and what seemed like a million unanswered questions.

Not Necessarily Christmas

March 15, 2007       Marla Nobles      

Furry awards shows, hand-me-down couture, a desperate housewife,and… port-o-potties? If this past year was any indication, nonprofits eschewed the same-old, instead running with the unexpected for their 2006 holiday fundraising campaigns.

Contributions To Higher Ed Up 9.4 Percent, Hits 28 Billion

March 15, 2007       Paul Clolery      

Charitable contributions to colleges and universities in the United States grew by 9.4 percent during 2006, reaching $28 billion. Endowments, buildings, and equipment were the top targets for donors. As usual, gifts to fund operating expenses lagged with donors.

News: Congress Refocusing On Charitable Sector

March 12, 2007       Marla Nobles      

A member of the U.S. House of Representatives has signed-on to head a permanent bipartisan caucus on philanthropy while two senators have introduced legislation to allow IRAs to be used for charity as the nonprofit sector again becomes a focus of some members of Congress. Companion legislation was also introduced in the House.

Nonprofits Impacted By New Anti-Terrorism Guidelines

March 5, 2007       Joseph Bender      

There’s no such things as innocently granting money these days, especially since the September 11 terror attacks. The U.S. Department of the Treasury recently issued revised Anti-Terrorist Financing Guidelines designed to help domestic exempt organizations avoid having their resources diverted for terrorist purposes. These guidelines are an updated final version of those released in 2002 and include public comments.

Focus On Community Impact Has United Ways Changing

March 1, 2007       Marla Nobles      

The United Way of Dane County has seen a steady increase in fundraising revenue during the past several years, but you won’t hear much talk of that by United Way officials. What you will hear is how after nearly a decade of commitment to systems change, Dane County eliminated the racial achievement gap for 3rd grade reading, an issue that pervaded Madison, Wisc., and the surrounding communities for decades.

CFC Confusion

March 1, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Unhappy with the recent changes to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), and the response from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), some charity leaders are taking their plight to Congress.

Despite Five-Year Buffer, Cost Of Terrorism Remain

March 1, 2007       Marla Nobles      

Despite the more than five years and change that sit between September 11, 2001 and today, everybody in the sector remains concerned to a degree about terrorism, whether it’s organizations funding terror acts under the guise of a charity, rising insurance and transportation costs, or simply completing the mission of the organization in conflict areas.

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