How To Survive Donor Acquisition

June 15, 2007       Marla Nobles      

During her stint as director of development at Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation, in Mountainside, N.J., Theresa Valentino has experienced firsthand the trials and unpredictable changes of acquiring new donors. With an annual acquisition budget of around $10,000, which entails two mailings, Valentino said there’s little room for mistake.

Komen Rebrands

June 1, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

The Susan G. Komen Foundation has been synonymous with breast cancer detection and awareness. A pioneer in cause marketing, its 125 affiliates represent some 18,000 communities, making it one of the largest networks of breast cancer activists. Its Race for the Cure is one of the most successful fundraising events around. But all that wasn’t enough.

Family Foundations

June 1, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Technology has brought everyone closer together. It’s not just emails going across the globe anymore — that’s so 1990s. These days it’s more like posting videos, social networking, and pretty much almost anything.

Points Of Light, Hands Merger Moving Closer

June 1, 2007       Marla Nobles      

Volunteer Centers across the country are preparing for change as a merger between two of the nation’s leading volunteer service organizations, the Washington, D.C.-based Points of Light Foundation (PoLF) and Hands On Network (HON) in Atlanta, Ga., grows more likely.

News: Nonprofits Could Get Break On Postage Hike

May 29, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Nonprofits that mail flats could get a break from a recent postal increase as a result of a $0.02 reduction in the Standard Regular nonprofit rate recommended by the Postal Regulatory commission on Friday. The recommendation still needs the approval of the United States Postal Service (USPS) Board of Governors, which meets in June.

Hot Nonprofit Auctions

May 15, 2007       Craig Causer      

The NBC show Heroes flaunts a lot of power — a Japanese comic book geek who can bend time, a cheerleader with the ability to spontaneously regenerate from any injury and a nurse who can mimic the powers of others. The key to the program’s success has been the characters’ various interrelations and how they have attempted to team up to save the world.

Readers Can Be Leaders As Donors

May 15, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

When it comes to finding upscale donors, what they are reading doesn’t necessarily disqualify them from giving to an organization. Take the case of Cigar Aficionado readers who were a huge hit for a national cardio-pulmonary group. There’s also the case of Playboy’s subscriber file being a winner for a straight-laced art institute where most of those portrayed have the clothes on.

Is It 10, 25, Or 100 Dollars?

May 15, 2007       Paul Clolery      

Every fundraiser wants to maximize the giving of a donor. But, how do you determine that number? The answer is a mix of testing, intuition and prodding. Getting from point A, the ask, to point B, the bank, was the topic of a recent Executive Session, held over lunch at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. during a break in the Direct Marketing Association’s Nonprofit Federation meeting this past January.

Board Fundraising

May 14, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Fundraising is really "friend-making," says Gail Perry, and once you have a friend, they’ll do just about anything for you. That’s one of the steps Perry advises to change the attitudes of nonprofit board members who don’t like trying to raise money.

News: Nonprofit Postal Rates Set To Skyrocket

May 7, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Nonprofits may be faced with a decision to reduce the size of their mailings from flats to letters if substantial postage increases permanently go into effect. The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) returned a decision last week on two of three issues it was asked to reconsider by the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service (USPS).

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