Finding Your Market Position
Finding Your Market Position

Everyone is bombarded daily with thousands of messages whether you realize it or not. You can’t expect people to remember everything they see and hear.

Direct response pioneer and guru Richard Viguerie sat with a friend to discuss nonprofit fundraising and marketing during 2020. The result was a 40-page booklet titled “Viguerie’s Four Horsemen of Marketing.”

The conversations covered position, differentiation, benefit and brand. According to Viguerie, position is foundational and upon which all else is constructed. “Position is nothing more than a hole in the marketplace,” Kevin Gentry wrote of the conversation with Viguerie. “Every organization needs to find theirs.”

When it comes to position, “we’re better than our competition. We’re more effective, more impactful and more efficient,” doesn’t cut it. That message conveyance needs to change. Positioning is not a matter of changing or improving your organization’s services or doing them better than anyone else, according to Viguerie and Gentry.

Politicians who win elections understand positioning. Citing in the booklet was how then candidate Barack Obama positioned himself again establishment candidates such as Hillary Clinton by discussing legislation in the U.S. Senate where they voted differently, such as Obama voting against going to war in Iraq and Clinton voting for it. “That was Obama’s hole in the marketplace,” the duo wrote.

The key to positioning is identifying the hole in the marketplace and then filling that void. “In short, you have to identify what you are going that no one else does – and people have to see the benefit,” wrote Gentry and Viguerie.

To receive a copy of the booklet, send an email to kgentry@standtogether.org