Managing Remote Employees

91% of employees choose to work remotely due to Better work-life balance.

The NonProfitTimes in partnership with MindEdge is inviting you to participate in a top-rated continuing education class: Managing Remote Employees.  Companies are embracing the idea of employing remote workers now more than ever.

Course Summary

  • Identify the reasons why people choose to work remotely
  • Examine current attitudes toward remote work
  • Consider some of the myths surrounding remote work
  • List the benefits and drawbacks of remote work arrangements
  • Assess whether their company is well-suited for remote work arrangements
  • Identify the top challenges when it comes to leading remote employees
  • Discuss best practices for hiring and onboarding remote employees
  • Explore ways to develop remote workers
  • Consider how to effectively communicate with remote employees
  • Develop strategies for providing feedback to remote workers
  • Identify ways to motivate and connect with remote employees

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