Assessing Your Fundraising Team

Size of organization does not matter when it comes to soliciting planned gifts from donors. What does matter is the professionalism of the fundraising team. Just as a like a stack of cash can be benchmarked, so can the team.

In the book, “Planned Giving For Small Nonprofits,” the authors describe what it takes to start a planned giving program, and some of the metrics and benchmarks for assessing staff.

  • After a year, a planned giving staff member should be able to raise a minimum of two to three times their annual salary.
  • Successful planned giving officers who’ve been with an organization for more than three years should raise 10 times their annual salary.
  • Staff should have quantifiable goals, like producing a minimum of 15 significant planned gifts per year, a little more than one per month.

Gifts do not happen accidentally. They occur primarily because staff members pursue prospects and there is a formal program or follow-up, according to the authors, so encourage staff to pursue prospects that have become stale and remind that me the organization seeks their support.