GoFundMe To Launch Charity Platform
GoFundMe Charity logo

GoFundMe will launch a new, free fundraising suite for nonprofits next month, an evolution of its 2017 acquisition of CrowdRise, along with a Donate button to accept donations anywhere online.

GoFundMe Charity will be free, enterprise-level fundraising software available to nonprofits starting Nov. 7. The Donate button can be embedded on third-party sites to raise money for a charity without setting up a GoFundMe charity account for a campaign.

GoFundMe acquired CrowdRise in 2017 and CEO Rob Solomon said it was time to put it into one platform. CrowdRise will fold into an entire suite of software and payment options under GoFundMe Charity. Social fundraising was one of the things that made them famous and the predominant ways for the largest events to leverage fundraising, he said. GoFundMe has raised more than $5 billion since it launched in 2010. The largest GoFundMe campaigns in 2018 totaled more than $58 million in contributions.

No subscription fees does not mean no processing fees. GoFundMe Charity will offer customers two transaction-based pricing plans. One would be a zero percent platform fee, with an option for donors to leave a voluntary “tip” for GoFundMe’s services and support. The other would be a flexible option with donor-covered fees. GoFundMe charges 2.9 percent with a $0.30 per transaction processing fee while CrowdRise charges 2.2 percent.

Whether tipping model or donor-covered fees (DCF) depending on what charity wants to do, Solomon said the goal is to help them cover any fees or transaction processing fees. The tipping model is new to CrowdRise, known for its person-to-person business. Solomon said GoFundMe doesn’t break out data on what percentage of users donate to cover transaction fees.

“Our goal of creating the Internet’s giving layer is to make fundraising easier and more effective for everyone – whether you’re an individual, a team, a nonprofit, or a corporation,” Solomon said.

“If you’re a charity, no subscription fee is compelling but you have to have the most compelling software, data and analytics,” he said. GoFundMe Charity also is building integrations with the likes of SalesForce, Constant Contact and MailChimp.

Nonprofits will be able to track and measure data through a new Report Center, which could be able to build customer queries, data visualization and the option to schedule reports. Charities also could receive reports on personal fundraisers raising money for their organizations, both currently and historically, via GoFundMe.

Nonprofits can customize buttons, logos, donation and fundraising pages, and ticket and registration components to match their brand and fundraising.

The Donate button can be embedded into any third-party website, without setting up a GoFundMe Charity account or campaign. The button could be customized with suggested donation amounts, branding, and color to fit their site and also has plug-ins for WordPress and other content management systems.

All current CrowdRise by GoFundMe fundraisers will continue to receive support and access to the tools and features currently in place, Solomon said, with the transition next month expected to be seamless for users.

For more information GoFundMe Charity, visit charity.gofundme.com