4 Personas To Play To Your Strengths On Giving Tuesday
4 Personas To Play To Your Strengths On Giving Tuesday

Giving days often carry a chaotic energy that can leach into your planning process if you’re not careful. To prevent duplicative efforts or any tasks from falling through the cracks, you might divide your master task list into different personas. You’d then assign personas to different members of your team according to their strengths and interests. 

According to Ally Orlando at DonorPerfect, here are four examples of personas that can be adapted and assigned to your team (or even just yourself, if you’re a team of one) regardless of the titles your team normally holds throughout the year. 

The Strategist

Typically assigned to the executive director or director of development, the strategist is responsible for driving the Giving Tuesday campaign direction. The strategist suggests ambitious and attainable goals and determines how the funding will be allocated. The person also determines which donors will receive more personalized touchpoints, and plan on how to capture new donors and keep them.

The Administrator

Typically assigned to the administrative assistant or a member of the team with database experience, the administrator gathers necessary data, pulls reports, and creates vital infrastructure to measure Giving Tuesday goals. The administrator works in lockstep with the strategist to provide quality data to inform goal-setting, and uses that data to create segmented email lists, effective donation forms, and accurate communications lists. 

The Communicator

Typically assigned to the marketing director or a member of the team with writing or design experience, the communicator determines the creative direction of the Giving Tuesday campaign. They create powerful and punchy content for the online donation form, select impact stories that will drive donors to give generously, and keep the community excited and informed about progress toward goals. 

The Networker

Typically assigned to a development officer or other public-facing member of the team, the networker leverages their connections to get the Giving Tuesday campaign in front of the right people. They’re responsible for determining how the campaign will be advertised and creating hype leading up to Giving Tuesday. They might also secure a matching gift to inspire other donors to give, and they make a great “face of the campaign” for thank-you videos and other mass communications. 

To see how different personas work together and break planning into manageable phases, you can find a free Giving Tuesday Cheat Sheet here