NPT Donors Boosted DAF Grants 179%
NPT Donors Boosted DAF Grants 179%

National Philanthropic Trust (NPT), a national, independent public charity that manages donor-advised funds (DAF), granted $6.46 billion on behalf of its donors in Fiscal Year 2021, representing an increase in value of 179%, compared to Fiscal Year 2020. 

The latest figures represent continued grantmaking momentum from NPT Calendar Year 2020, during which grant value increased 171%.

“Early in 2020, the value of NPT grants surged in response to the pandemic’s impact on communities around the country and globally. Our donors’ heightened generosity continued through the end of our Fiscal Year 2021,” said NPT CEO Eileen Heisman.

“Donors responded to the pandemic by supporting the causes that they granted to historically, as well as recommending additional grants to address new pandemic-related challenges we were all facing. In an unprecedented time, our donors continue to be reliable, generous supporters for tens of thousands of charities,” according to Heisman.

“Fiscal Year 2021 also marked the year more NPT donors embraced ‘trust-based philanthropy’ — giving many unrestricted grants, meaning gifts that can be used for most any purpose appropriate to the organization,” said Heisman. It was a 27% increase in number of unrestricted grants compared to the previous year.

All eight charitable subsectors experienced an increase in NPT grant volume during Fiscal Year 2021. Four charitable subsectors experienced triple digit increases in grant value: Societal benefit, education, human services and arts.

“DAFs have always been a reliable source of our funding, powering established and new programs,” said a national health charity spokesperson. “Grants from our supporters with donor-advised funds have been especially important to us over the last year.”

Grants during Fiscal Year 2021 include gifts to combat institutional racism, support for Oxygen Generation Plants (OGP) to those recovering from COVID-19 in India, assistance for veterans with therapeutic companion dogs, funds to help end the climate crisis, and support Olympic Team USA athletes, said Heisman.