The Evolution of Donor Management And Its Fundraising Future

Technology has radically transformed the way nonprofits interact with donors, particularly via the Web. An organization can get a retweet in the morning, send an email just after lunch, and get an online contribution in the evening all from the same donor.

That’s old news. Some 15 years into a new millennium, online engagement is no longer a trend. It’s the foundation for every fundraiser’s outreach strategy. Many questions remain, though, amid a maturing marketplace for donor management software. The questions include: What are the new trends that will guide the future of nonprofit fundraising?; Are vendors keeping up with what fundraisers and executive directors need to sustain and grow their organizations?; and, Are organizations building the capabilities necessary to take full advantage of the technology at their fingertips?

On behalf of The NonProfit Times, Idealware interviewed industry experts with donor management software expertise. The marketplace has seen few major breakthroughs since four years ago, they said. Some trends have continued to grow, while others have leveled off.

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